Can I pay monthly?
No. The reason we do not offer a monthly subscription is that we do not want to give access to spammers who only want to pay for 1 month and then spam everybody. The higher price point means that our members tend to be more serious.
What is your cancellation policy?
A member can cancel the membership at any time. There will be no refund given for the payment cycles that has already been paid. The account will stay active for the remainder of the cycle that was paid for unless closure is explicitly requested by the member.
Do you offer a discount?
We do not offer discounts for individual accounts. If you represent an agency and need to sign up for multiple accounts, please contact us. We do also offer discounts if you are working with a certified charity or NGO.
Do you update your database regularly?
Yes. We add new interview style podcasts to our website every month. They will automatically show up in your search results once added. You can also setup "triggers" so that you can get an email every time a podcast comes up with your search criteria.
Can multiple users use one account?
Yes, but our system is not designed for this. By default, Podcast Hawk will filter out podcasts you have already contacted, or added to a list, from future results, so you don't email the same people twice by accident. If multiple people are using an account the other users may miss out on interview opportunities if another user already took them.
How can I be sure you have podcasts I can be one?
Give it a try. Go to the homepage of Podcast Hawk, type in a keyword of a podcast you want to appear on and see how many results come up along with some sample, real, results. If you like what you see and want full access, you can then sign up as a paid member.
What languages of podcasts do you have in the database?
We store English and Spanish langauge podcasts in the database. English is the language of 95% of the podcasts. We kept the Spanish as a lot of our clients speak Spanish and/or cater to the Spanish speaking market, but we do not recommend Podcast Hawk if you are only looking to be on Spanish podcasts.
Why is there so little sales copy on this website?
Two reason. 1. After building websites for over 15 years, we know, nobody reads. 2. Our service is simple and powerful, so not much explanation is necessary. We help you find podcasts to reach out to and contact, and we do it well.
What is the meaning of life?

If your question was not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.